Harlow's Nursery

I love the way you get to know your baby before they are born. You get a sense of their personality. Then when they are born you see it all unfold, and grow. It is beautiful.

How do you create a nursery fit for a princess? You start with their personality, then you translate that style into something light, calming and beautiful. Harlow's Room was my favorite to put together. If you haven't noticed by know I like simple. My style is somewhat minimalist with a vintage spin.

Wallpaper-First up... The focal point of the room. The accent wall. This beautiful Rose is a canvas wallpaper. Though it was not the easiest thing to install... The magnitude could not be duplicated. I purchase the wall paper from a company in United Kingdom. You go to their website choose your image for your wallpaper (you can even upload your own.) Then you enter in the dimensions of your wall and they send it to you. To my surprise it arrived 2 days after I ordered it. Their customer service was amazing.

Feminine Wallpaper

Feminine Wallpaper

One Note... Do Not add any extra to your measurements. They do it for you. We made this mistake and we had to trim off the extra which took off the crop marks. Whoops! So order to the exact measure of your wall.

Color Palette- My goal with Harlow's nursery was to keep it very soft and romantic, with a larger than life aspect about it. Harlow has a very big personality. She is spunky, sassy, mysterious, and always on the go. So I wanted her space to be very calming and comfortable. The main color is white, Accent colors, petal pink, sage green, turquoise.

Texture- With such a small color palette, textures becomes very significant. A fluffy bed, a canvas wall, A basket of fluffy blankets, sparkles, and crystal accents, Fluffy plush animals.

Bedding- is from Restoration Hardware. It is a linen cotton fabric. The detail of the flower petals is so light and beautiful. The shade of pink is perfectly pink and light.

Double Glider- is from Pottery Barn. This has become one of our most favorite pieces of furniture in our home. I love that there is plenty of space for both of our kids, and even our entire family. We love cuddle up and have story time together. It glides very smooth, and I love cuddling baby Harlow before she goes to sleep.

Crib- Is from American Heritage. I love keeping one design element consistent in the room. It acts as a small ribbon to tie the room together. For Harlow's room this ribbon was the curve architecture of the furniture. The Crib, Dresser hutch, and glider all have this feature.

Dresser and Hutch- is from Buy Buy Baby. We wanted to add in something a little more light with a different texture, to the dresser so we found these Crystal knobs at Target. It made a big difference and I love the dainty feminine style lit brings to the look of the dresser.

There are still elements to this room we haven't finished yet. We have adorable prints to hang on the walls, as well as her printed photos. We will likely be adding a rug in soon and I have fabric I will be making curtains out of. I will post room updates as we get those elements added in.

Kids rooms are my favorite when it comes to interior design. I love fitting their personality, style, and attitude into the design.

Whitney Jensen

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