How to Heal Your Way to Abundance

Healing- an interesting concept. Though the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word healing is broken, hurt, or pain. We think of not being at 100%. When we heal we are trying to get back to where we once were or better. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental, physiological, or spiritual, or even relational.

We are all "healing" in some way. Wellness isn't handed over to you. You have to constantly work at it. You have to constantly take action to move forward. We should all be striving to "heal" for healing forces you to look inward and listen to your body, your heart, and your soul. If we don't have that relationship with ourselves we will never progress.

Instead we will cover up what we don't want to see and block ourselves from improving and living the life we want to live. This is where excuses happen. Its where we create the hurdles and limitations that keep us from abundance. If we don't take the time to heal we keep ourselves from the blessings God has in store for us.

We were meant to live abundant lives, and if we continue to leave ourselves in a state of needing to heal, without actually taking the steps to heal. We settle for average. We loose sight of who we are, and the life we were meant to live. It's time to swallow our pride, we aren't perfect... Embrace the fact that healing is a revolving constant in life.

We are all healing, and we should be constantly healing. Healing requires us to look within. It requires us to take an internal and external survey of our well-being. If we have a relationship with ourselves that allows us to do this openly, we discover that we have more power than we think...Instead of burring our troubles and forcing them to turn into ailments of many different sorts.. We bring them to the surface, we tackle them head on and give ourselves the care we need to heal back to 100%

When we do this we see where the excuses are we see that they are not valid, and likely further pressure we put on ourselves. We see the limitations that were born out of not taking the time to heal. Limitations can be illusions, and most of the time they are. The beauty of an illusion is they are translucent, you can walk right through them.

This concept derived from my own experience that I'm actually having at this very time in my life. 6 months ago we welcomed our baby girl into the world. Though it was one of the most joyful times of my life it has also been one of the hardest. I did not have the easiest pregnancy, and for whatever reason my second time around was extremely hard on my body. I have had the hardest time bouncing back. My joints are different, my muscles are weak, when I stand up I have to give myself a minute before I can walk. Going from a lifetime of being very active and athletic, to barely being able to move has been a huge challenge. I know with time I'll heal, but this process has made me really look at healing at a deeper level. I've found that the healing ahead of me is not just physical.

My relationship with healing has changed. Its not longer just something I do when I get hurt, or am in pain. Its something that applies to all areas of life. We are never completely and fully balanced, unless we take the time to nurture, heal and improve all areas of life.

Lets break the word Healing down:

Definition- noun: healing

  1. The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

    "the gift of healing"

  2. Old English Origin- Literally Translates "To Make Whole" (Heal) and "Restoration of Wholeness" (Healing)

So as we work our way back to being 100% or better, its not about the ailment, its about doing what it takes to make ourselves whole. We have to be in constant check of our well-being. Embrace the fact that there is always room for improvement. There is always room to learn, grow and nourish our mind, body, and soul. 

To Heal your way to abundance you have to continually revisit these 5 steps:

1-Check your Mental expectations- Its okay to set the bar high, but you have to set your benchmarks. One mistake we make is we instantly compare ourselves to where we were when the area of life we are examining was in a satisfactory state. "I could once do this... why can't I now?" I should be able to run a half marathon I've done 10. Your brain tries to click right back into where you were, but you have to adjust to where you are now. Allow yourself to get there at the pace you need too. Don't fall out of consistent action because you are discouraged.

2-Don't set the bar based on other peoples success- Though it is great to follow people that inspire you, you have to be very careful with the thin line between admiration, and envy. To do this make it about the process. Pattern your life after those you admire, but don't compare where you are now to where they are 10 years from where you are (figuratively). Stay consistent even if you aren't getting the results of your heroes. They are your heroes for a reason. They were once where you are now. They had to put in the work, the time, and the constant action to be where they are today, and you have to as well.

3-Mind, Body, Soul Connection- Often times our mind is in a better state than our bodies, or visa versa. We have an image in our head of what it should be like, and our physical state doesn't match that. That doesn't mean it wont. Keep at it, work hard, daily action and consistency gets you there. Take the time to connect your mind, body and soul they have to be talking to each other, they have to be in alignment to manifest what you desire. Here is how...

4-Listen- This is the most important of all the steps. You have to humble yourself enough to listen to what your body is telling you. If you are healing physically you have to love yourself through every stage of healing. If you are healing mentally, you have to learn the cues that help you check your mental state. Our minds are our greatest asset, but can also be our greatest downfall. Be very careful what you are telling yourself. If it ever becomes negative you have to find a trigger that allows you to switch your mindset. One thing that is a good rule of thumb, comes down to this quote: "Don't talk about the way the situation is, talk about how you want the situation to be." If you find yourself swimming in drama or negativity of what is wrong, or the Why Me" spiral. You feel like you are talking yourself in circles. The more you talk about that negativity the stronger it becomes and the less likely you are to do what you can to change it. If you focus on talking about how you want the situation to be, the more solutions you will find, and the path to positivity becomes more and more clear. This requires a lot of listening. If we mater the art of listening, we unlock the key to our wellness, we heal our mind, our body, and our soul through the awareness it brings.

5- Change your view on limitations- We are the only ones that allow ourselves to be limited. It is our own definition of limitation that limits us. If we view set backs as limitations we will be limited to whatever framework our mind determines for ourselves. If we turn our limitations into opportunities we release our limitations, and allow ourselves a new perspective that opens the world of abundance. This requires you to love you for who you are, in the state you are in. It requires you to take the steps needed to improve, and heal to the state where you have a pure love for yourself and what you have to offer the world.

It is when we think we have no further healing to do, that we surrender to the lesser version of ourselves. We must constantly be in check with our mental state, our physical state, and our spiritual state. We have to consciously make the effort to improve where we need to, for it is in that process that we find the abundance of life unfold around us. When we heal we allow ourselves to learn, grow, and pursue the restoration of wholeness.

Right now I embrace the vulnerability in sharing what healing is taking place for me right now.  I'm realizing that despite my greatest efforts.... I can't do it all. This is a hard thing for me to grasp. But through healing I have found that its not as final as it feels... I can't do it all at one time. In my life I know I will achieve the dreams I have, but this valuable lesson will be what allows me to do it. The lesson that I have to achieve balance, I have to focus on key things to do them well. If my attention is on too many things I will break.

Physically- I'm still healing from pregnancy as I stated before. Because of some of the injuries it caused I often have a hard time even walking. But I've embraced the fact that this will happen in its own time. I will do what I need to at the pace I need to. It is teaching me to listen to my body even more than I did before.

Mentally- I'm healing from overload. I'm healing from the pressure I have put on my physical well being, and realized its okay to give things the time they need. I'm learning how to be better at what I love to do. I'm learning and growing my mindset in the world of business and the blueprints for success.

Spiritually- I'm healing by focusing on balance. I am allowing time, while giving my dreams consistent action. I am focusing on One Thing, instead of thousands, In all areas of life. I'm organizing my ideas, thoughts and inspiration from God, to allow myself to be a tool in his hands.

What is your view on the word healing? Tell me in the comments what you feel needs healing in your life at this time?