How to Get Your Baby to Sleep at Night-Products I Swear By

Every new parent has been there. The sun goes down, and your baby is wide awake... Night after night you keep thinking It will get better, then you move on from that to it will get easier, then you reach the point where you are questioning everything you have ever thought, or done in life because you are simply so tired you are delirious, clouded and flat out exhausted.

This is a normal part of adjusting and taking care of your sweet little newborn. However lets face it... Its vital to our health to get sleep. It is vital to our happiness, and the overall function of the mind, the body, and the soul for that matter. When we go through times in life that we lack sleep it catches up to us, and it catches up to your baby as well. It is in you and your babies best interest to get to the point where bedtime is time for sleeping. Just like with any other part of parenting. (At least that I have found... and I'm no expert.) Every thing in your babies life requires teaching. You have to teach your child how to eat, brush their teeth, tie their shoes, and that teaching goes on through their whole lives. But it starts as soon as they are born. You have to teach your newborn sleep patterns, and its not easy. There are products out there that help sooth, and comfort, your baby as they transition to being out of the womb. Its just a matter of finding what works for your baby. These are a few things that worked for Harlow, and even Jagger when he was a newborn. In hopes that something might work for you too. You need your sleep, so you can enjoy and celebrate that precious newborn, that could also use sleep themselves.



#1- Avery and Anais Silky Soft Dream Blankets. These little pieces of heaven have become my most highly recommended item I have ever purchased. They are big enough you can use yourself (and trust me you will want to.) but when you fold them up they don't take up a lot of space. These blankets are extremely soft. They are made with bamboo, and they are silky, lightweight, yet thick enough to keep your warm. Harlow, loves to to be swaddled with them (arms out) She literally would not sleep without them. We bought one to try out, if It wasn't clean I would have to stay up late to wash it. She would not event think about sleeping until she was wrapped in it. Needless to say, we had to buy more. On top of all of the greatness that these are, They have the CUTEST patterns. Be sure to get the "silky soft." They have a couple other fabrics in the dream blanket line. The Silky Soft Dream Blanket is the one you want. I usually buy them on Amazon. But you can get them on Avery and anias website as well.

#2 A Ventilated memory foam mattress cover- The one we bought was made with baby's safety in mind. The only way we could get Harlow to sleep before we found all these items, was in bed with me. It is super scary and It makes it so you can't sleep. I threw out my neck numerous times because I was so worried about her being comfortable and safe. Worth it to have her sleep but I was still loosing sleep. The moment I would move her to her crib she would wake up and it would all start over again. We found this mattress cover, and it made her crib feel more like our soft pillow top mattress. This made the transition less of a dramatic change. Harlow struggled with a mild acid re-flux, so we would prop up the mattress using a pillow under the crib mattress.

#3-A soft Minky Crib sheet- I had one for Jagger when he was a baby and he would not use any other kind of sheet. This was his must have for sleeping. This creates a soft surface that lulls them to sleep. The company I got it from no longer makes them, so we use the same ones for Harlow, that we had for Jagger. Pottery Barn has a version, and I have even seen them at Target. Both of my kids love these.

#4-Minky Couture Blanket- Of course this has to be on the list. Minky Couture has become a staple in our family. We all have our own minky blankets. They are extremely soft and for some reason when you cuddle up in one of these you feel so relaxed. We have made it a tradition in our family, we call these our "Dream Quilts" We cuddle up under these quilts and we dream big dreams. We craft our vision for the future, and reflect on the dreams we have made come true, in Gratitude. This has become one of my favorite things we do as a family. These blankets have inspired many moments and created many memories for our family. Sometimes you just need that one thing that forces you to relax and get to a calm state. Often that's all you need to reconnect yourself to what truly matters in life. On top of all that it helps you and your children go to sleep. Sleep is so needed for your well-being.

#5-Cloud B Musical Bunny- It was a busy night during the holiday shopping rush, days before Christmas. I was getting a few last minute things, and that's when the screaming began. Harlow very quickly when from content to out of control It was a rough moment for both of us. I was trying everything. I went to the toy section and picked up this little bunny it became a little angel. Within seconds she was calm and soothed. Of course it made it to the check out with us. Anything with that kind of power is a must. It is still one of her favorite things. The sound of the music calms her and its super soft. Plus it has a little handle on it so you can hook it to their car-seats.

#6-Fisher Price My Little Snuggle Bunny Deluxe Newborn Rocker Play and Sleeper- This was perfect for Harlow as a newborn. It would prop her up and cradle her just as if she was in your arms. It rocks and vibrates. It was a perfect way to transition her to her crib. On top of that. It folds up flat, so you can take it with you or store it under the bed. We all know how much space baby stuff takes up. 

#7-The Swing-Ah of course the swing. Many many many nights the swing was the only way I could get her to sleep. 4am without a wink of sleep, and this swing saved us. She still loves her swing. If she is ever fussy... (can we say teething stage) this is the only thing that gets her to sleep.  In fact as I write this late at night, she is asleep in her swing after being fussy and in pain from teething.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored, These are just the things that worked for us, in hopes that it will help you if you are in the same boat. We all need our sleep. It is important, and vital to our health and well being. After spending hours on the internet looking for tips and tricks and trying product after product. I wanted to compile a list of the things that work. Hope it helps. What are some items you have used that have worked to get your baby to sleep?


"Sleep tight... Sand man's a comin' and he'll be here, pretty pretty soon, and if you, don't cry, he'll be coming by on a great big lolly pop moon. How I love my little baby, you yes I love my little baby, how I love my little baby... Honest to truly I do."
-Lullaby my Dad always sang to me. Now I sing it to my kids every night.