Blackberry Mint Lemonade

Today officially felt like our first Summer day. Summers are fun, but for us they always seem to be extremely busy.  

My Little Helpers   

My Little Helpers  

Today was another day of running around getting things done. But I decided to stop for a few hours and just be with my little family. It wasn't part of our plan for the day, but we couldn't resist this warm summer day and the tempting pool calling our names. 

I believe that memorable moments are made up of feeling and emotion, and taping into that emotion is done through the senses. 

Swim Day June 2016

Swim Day June 2016

Sights, smells, tastes, and touch. We  remember the simple details of the moments that make up our lives, Because of the emotions they create. 

My little Jagger loves lemonade. He even loved it when I was pregnant with him. I craved sour everything. We lived on Lemonade, and lime drinks. Funny that he still loves it. 

I decided this summer I want to try to make up creative and delicious versions of lemonade, or other drinks.  Mocktails of you will. So we made our first one today for our poolside treat. It was delicious. Plus it made this moment even more memorable, adding in a little extra element of fun. 

This is the first of the summer mocktail series.

There is one promise you need to make upon making these... I will give each one something you have to do along with it. Each one will have the purpose of inspiring you to create true bliss. 


Poolside Mocktail  

Poolside Mocktail  

Blackberry Mint Lemonade

Here is the recipe:


San Pellegreno Limonata  

Simply Lemonade Blueberry flavor


Mint Leaves  



1-Fill cup with ice, layering mint leaves throughout the ice.  

2-Add in Blackberries (between 4 and  7)   

3-Add your level of San Pellagreno Limonada. (My summer obsession) since I love it so much I do 3/4 of the cup.  

4-Fill the rest of the cup with blueberry lemonade stir. 

 5- With this drink, take time to do something unplanned. When things get busy just take a few minutes or hours to slow down and make a memory with someone you love.

Blackberry Lemonade=Slowing Down and Memories Made.

Take time to do something unplanned   

Take time to do something unplanned  

I hope you like it. Let me know in the comments what you think, and I'd love to hear ideas for new drinks or adjustments to this one. 

There is Beauty in the un planned. Take time to slow down and do something that's not on your list. You might just find the inspiration you are looking for. 


Create True Bliss