Salt Lake Parade of Homes- The Harlow Countertops

Awe Counter tops.... Walking into the doors of a stone slab filled wonderland, was something I never knew I dreamed of. Who knew there were so many beautiful options to choose from? Different colors, Different veins, different textures, and so many types you don't even know where to start.

I was after something to complement our simple and modern design, with the touch of elegance we were looking for. I also wanted something you don't normally see. It seems a little more rare to find a lighter stone especially when it comes to granite.

After a couple visits we figured out what slabs we wanted. Here is the run down of what you might have seen in The Harlow, in the 2016 Salt Lake Parade of Homes.

The Kitchen and Harlow's Bathroom- A beautiful piece of "White Ice" Granite It is primarily white, with an offset of off white coloring, with Black veins throughout it. Once we picked the black hardware on the white cabinets it really made that granite pop. 

Master Bathroom, Half Bathroom, and Jagger's Bathroom- We went with a "Bianco Antigua Supreme" Granite. This was still a light color, with more grey tones in it. It ended up pairing perfectly with our grey cabinets in the Half Bath and Jagger's Bathroom, and really popped against the bright white in the Master bathroom.

Laundry Room- "Opal White" Marble. This little gem caught our eye as we were walking out of our meeting. We loved it. I was very hesitant about marble because of the maintenance it requires, and how easily you can damage it, with water. Naturally the Laundry room was a great way to still get the look without risking any water damage, like you would in a kitchen and bathroom. The White was so pretty, and the translucent specks throughout it create a sparkle that was only fitting for the Laundry room. A cool little thing about this slab, is if you put lights under it it shines through the translucent parts. We will likely be adding in some LED strips that we can change the color. Party in the laundry room....

There is a lot to learn about different stone, and what kind of stone is good for where. Though I don't know a lot about all of the options but I can share why we chose what we did.

Granite- is pretty hardy and looks amazing. Gives you the feel of Marble but is a lot easier to take care of and maintain.

Marble- is just simply stunning. If it wasn't so hard to maintain, I'm sure I'd want it all over our house. Come on Carrera Marble? Its a spectacle. If only it wasn't so hard to clean and take care of. We still wanted to have a little in our home, so we went with the Laundry room selection.

Quartz- I actually thought it was really pretty, but it did look fairly fabricated. We liked the feel of the more natural stone look. So we decided against that one.

So there you have it the Deets.... As always any questions welcome. I'd love to hear what styles of Counter tops you like... Tell me in your comments... Who knew that shopping for Counter tops could be like shopping in a jewelry store...

Whitney Jensen

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