Creating a Home for your Divine Gifts

A Divine gift is the part of us that is so important and its greatly misunderstood by the world we live in. Many gifts have been given stereotypes and condescending labels, because they don't fit the systematic ecosystem we currently live in. Divine gifts are bestowed upon us before we come to this earth, even through many lifetimes. These gifts are carried within our soul. There are many. The gifts so greatly misunderstood to name a few are: Empathic, Intuitive, Psychic, Channeling, Medium ability, Mystic ability, Occult ability, as well as things like Aptitude for Intellect, and natrual artistic ability.

We have tried profusely throughout history to define, label and explain these gifts. Some of them we are beginning to find a home for, because they are understood. Many things that were once laughed at and made fun of, are making their way to the front lines. As people seek to reconnect with themselves and understand the complexities that make up who they are, these gifts begin to emerge. They are beautiful and when we discover them again, it is like we have finally arrived home after a long trip. Still these gifts are one facet in the complexity of self. To gain full awareness of who we truly are, we must seek to become fully aligned with each facet.

Our divine gifts act as the communicators of our soul.

We still to this day do not fully understand every gift held by every single person. There are similarities in a few and when we see similarities, they constitutes a category in which books are written. But outside of those categories there are more gifts that we don't understand. As we each begin to reconnect with our gifts it is up to us to give them to the world, to create a place for them in the ecosystem. The world needs them in a big way. When something is not understood, it means there is a big reason for it to come into existence in this earthly dimension. The world needs you. Just as we seek to understand new technologies, and the histories of existence, we must also seek to understand and cultivate the gifts within us, so that the world and the people in it will understand and feel at home.

In this post I want to talk about a few divine gifts that have had a stereotype attached to them for a long time. This is so widely unaccepted because it requires us to believe in something that is not proven by science... yet. Lets remember that unfortunately when we misunderstand something we label it, to whatever fits the current story within our society. Anything that goes against that is labeled adversely and judged deeply.

Let us all be careful of this and seek to see beyond the labels. Let us look for the gifts and the beauty in each other. Let us celebrate imperfection, since perfection doesn't exist. Let us love each other more for who we truly are, rather than trying to sum each other up into who we want each other to be. As we value our differences we find strength. As we see the beauty in each other we restore self awareness and self love. As we seek to understand we help each other feel at home. May we dedicate our gifts to this cause.

Divine Gifts Explained (A Few of them)-

Empathic- ability to feel the emotions of others often just by looking at the person.  According to: Empathic guides simultaneously perceive where and how you are while maintaining their own perspective. This allows them to be in the water and on the land at the same time, thus enabling them to help you get to shore in a quick and effective way. Empathy means 'beside symptoms' — that means we are fully aware of the depth and intensity of any particular emotion, thought or situation, but are not swimming in it ourselves. For example, we may have a friend who is experiencing grief — we are able to literally feel and experience the depth of their sadness, but we still keep one foot in our own space so that we do not identify with it or make it our own.

The Beauty of an Empath- This gift has the ability to feel the emotions that someone is going through and feeling. Even when people are numb to their own feelings and emotions (As a defense) An Empath can feel them. In a sense often times an empath can feel emotions before you can. They instinctively know what you are feeling, and those who naturally use this gift, actually know what you need as well. The beauty of an empath is that they are right there with you feeling what you are feeling. They can comfort you unlike anyone else can. They can take your emotion in and transfer it back out to you as a calming energy. When you are in the presence of an empath who is naturally and eloquently channeling their gift, you are at peace with no logical explanation. The presence of an empath equals calming peace.

Intuitive- The ability to know something not based on logic or earthly or humanly means. It is extra sensory (beyond the 5 senses.) It needs no processing. Usually appearing in a flash of insight needing no translation. Often out of the blue. Almost every mother has experience this ability through "mothers intuition." Most people experience this all the time through getting ideas, creative inspiration, feelings of apprehension etc. This is said to be our back up system when our psychic sense are in a state of atrophy due to disuse. Some people get very very good at being open to intuition and acting on it. They are able to receive information from the divine teams, for themselves, other people, and the world at large.

The Beauty of an Intuitive- Intuitives are extremely sensitive to the energies that surround us. Humanistic and soulful energies. Intuitives pick up on what needs to happen without any way to explain it logically. This intuition could be about people, experiences, or the overall course of a project or movement needed in the world. Intuition has the ability to save lives. It comes to people when the course of energies need to be intersected. When the course of a decision needs to change, adjust, or enhance. In terms of Relationships, safety, love, life purpose, and the work we do in the world. The fact that Intuition is the backup system for many of our other gifts we don't understand, this can be inherent in everyone, as long as we know how to best tap into it.

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Psychic- Yeah Yeah lets get the misconceptions out of the way. This is a real thing and its a powerful gift. Here is why:

Psychic work like intuitive work is extra-sensory. It does not rely on the 5 physical senses but could translate as seeing with the the senses of the soul. Psychics receive insight through Clairvoyance (Seeing without the physical eye) Clairaudience (hearing without the physical ears) and Clairsentience (feeling without the physical body itself.) A psychic is able to hone into the subtle abilities of these spiritual senses and interpret the information they gather. This takes processing. Unlike intuition that hits out of the blue in in its fullness. No interpretation needed. Psychic ability usually needs interpreting by the psychic.

The Beauty of a Psychic- There is an energy that surrounds us. One that we are all connected to. This connected energy creates a web of creation. All living things are connected by this web. The web is spun within our generations, our ancestry, and our posterity. The web connects us in a bigger way than even we understand. A Psychic is sensitive to this web and the energy that is sent through it. Psychic ability gives answers to questions we don't even know we needed answers to. When you a psychic receives this information to be passed on to an idividual they have no logical way of explaining it, and often might not even know why or what they are saying, but they know it needs to be said. Because we don't understand this gift, or talk about it in its truthful light. Those who have this gift might find it difficult to communicate on such a truthful explainable message to the person that needs to hear it. They can be met with hesitancy judgement and condescension. A psychic must find ways to nurture this gift and articulate the grace in which to communicate what they receive. When they do this, they can become a catalyst within our divine path, for they are the inter-sector of divine messages and energy.

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Channels are able to turn down their own rational mind, ego, logic, and belief systems to allow messages from the divine to flow through them. These messages usually come from a known and defined source. Channels often speak to you and say words you wouldn't usually hear them as a person say. When a channel is speaking to you they are literally a tool in the hands of the divine. They are just translating as a mouth piece for what your divine team needs to tell you. Often Channels experience a sense of saying words that are not their own. This can be very difficult for humans to do, since we all have very strong beliefs, ideals, logic and we depend greatly on the rational, logical side of things because that is the primary system our world is built on. Channels have to be very careful not to filter the purity of the message through their own paradigm. Channels tend to be a conduit for complete forces. They channel the soul, universe, divine and even specific forces like love and healing. Communication is extremely important to channels. Developing the ability to move the sources they channel to voice or writing.

The Beauty of a Channel- Have you ever heard music, that at its very sound you feel it is not of this earth? The sound of someone singing or playing an instrument that takes your breath away and ignites the fire in your soul? Have you ever heard someone speak about something where the words did not sound like there own but the very message that was said came to you at just the right time? These messages, this music, are works of art and love that are sent to you through someone with the gift of being a channel. A channel finds themselves in positions on a daily basis, where they are saying or writing words that are not their own. They are but a mouthpiece to a divine message, that needs to be delivered to the world an the people in it. A channel must master their ability to act upon the voice that comes through them. A channel often just needs to get out of the way and let the messenger speak through them.

Mediums- (yes again... A real thing)

Mediums- Channel complete personalities of beings, rather than forces like a channel does. A medium might be able to channel people who have passed on from this life to the next. They may be able to channel people from your genealogy who are on the other side. They may also have their own spiritual guide that they speak to regularly, that gives them the messages to pass on to people here on earth. They may speak to Archangels. Whomever they channel they do so in a way that they are aware and translate their complete personality.

The Beauty of a Medium- A medium has the ability to bring in elements of personality, and energy beyond a message. They are able to translate feeling in the person by bringing them more than just words. Many mediums are said to be able to channel the personality of a beings energy from the other side. If you have ever watched Long Island Medium you can see this happen. The comfort comes in, by the affirmation that it is real. Due to the fact that she is bringing in things she would have rather not known. A medium can get a lot of energy in the form of ideas, stories, personality, and full downloads of these things. This can be exhausting for the human mind, and body for that matter. It might be hard to focus on day to day things because of it. A medium must seek to develop communication skills with the divine. To establish open dialog. When it comes to focusing on a project, because of the sensitivity to this gift, a medium must develop a way to say "Thank you I will write that down, now please help me to focus on my current project." This is a great thing to learn for all of the gifts we have talked about in this post. 

This post was intended to bring light to things within you that you might not fully understand. May these words bring you comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. May this post frame these things in a new light, and though I only wrote about a few, may this open our mind to further understanding the gifts within each of us beyond the label. There is so much more to it than the stereotype that is born out of not seeking to understand. 

Over time we have learned to frame gifts as talents. However there is a big difference. A gift is carried within your soul. Its part of what makes you alive. The gift needs an outlet. A gift is a communicator of the soul. As it communicates it needs a mouthpiece or an outlet to translate it from within you, to the world. A talent is the outlet. Many of our soulful gifts are translated through talents, like music, art, communication, business, and the list goes on and on. When people say "You have a gift" it is one of the most beautiful sentences in the English language. For when it is said it indicates that you have found a way to communicate a gift through a talent into the world. This world needs more of that.

So today, Let your light shine. Lets band together as we journey through the complexities of self. Let us create a home for truth, as we seek to understand. May your gifts find their way into the world, and may you be open to sharing them in the unique way that you will.

Shine bright, the world needs your beautiful light.




Whitney Jensen

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