4 Quick Ways to Reset Your Energy

Everything is energy. The nature around us, the environment we are in, the movies we watch, the social media we look at, the books we read, the people around us. Everything is energy. We connect with that energy on a level we don't fully understand. 

There is a spectrum of energy that is created in this world. There is man made light and man made darkness each one on either end of the spectrum. Between that there are levels of that energy. This is created by man made darkness which creates negativity, and man made light and love which creates positive energy. 

There is also divine light and divine darkness. This kind of darkness does not hold negative energy but acts as the darkness that nurtures light. All of these forms of energy are searching for a home, each will live wherever a home is created for it. 

Not only is everything energy but that energy attracts like energy to it. Energy is always moving it's looking for a home until it is asked to move or something forces that energy to move. We live in a world that is negative the statistics say that 87% of everything we are exposed to in our world is negative. We all hope that that statistic is improving, but statistics show that we are exposed to negative energy in a consistent basis. 

We focus on our goals, our dreams and our vision, and that's all beautiful and incredibly important. We focus so heavily on that part of our lives and we try so hard to stay positive and mindful as we set our intention to achieve. The moments we don't get there as quickly as we want, we open ourselves up to negative self talk which allows the negative energy around us see that there is a place within us that welcomes it to stay. That negative self talk becomes amplified because like attracts like. 

Energy moves and looks for a home, it keeps looking until it finds a place to live. It lives within us if we let it. Same goes for any energy on that spectrum. 

We need to focus just as much in how we can quickly reset energy and create an exit strategy to rely on when we are discern through energy and drama. We need something to rely on that instantly switches us back into that positivity, as it tells the negative energy it does not have a home within you. A strategy that quickly turns the unwanted energy away. 

So how do we attract the energy we want? Or better yet how do we tell negative energy or man made darkness that it can not live in our lives, our minds, or what we do? 


First We have to focus on how we want to feel. 

Then we must create our go to tactics for creating a home for positivity and light. 

Next Set your intention 

Lastly create and design an experience around that energy. 

How do we create that experience?  

I always tend to rely on the tactics I have learned in my career.  You design an experience by speaking to your senses. When you set your intention on a feeling you want to create in an event you pattern everything you do around creating that feeling. The education pieces, the speakers, the environment. But even deeper than that you speak to the senses. Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste. 

When it comes to attracting the energy you want to have in your life create a design and energy flow plan that creates an experience for the feeling you want to create. 

4 Ways To Reset Your Energy  


Sight- I connect with nature and flowers. I love having fresh flowers in my home, and I love going for walks to see the beauty of nature. 

Sound- Music, Hearing my kids laugh, sometimes even silence helps me to just breathe, reset and center with energy intention. 

Smell- Again the flowers help with this. I also love having scents in my home. Bath and body wall plug ins, candles, lotion. etc.

Taste- We all have our go to fix. I think this is because its a great way to activate this form of energy communication. When we taste something that brings us comfort it resets us. I have a honey tea I love, I also love fresh orange juice and smoothies. 

Touch- Sometimes all you need is a hug to turn your energy around. You can not be mad when someone you love comes up and hugs you. 

2-Get Moving

Energy moves. When we move the energy moves within us and moves out of us. When we move we break up the energy we are holding on to. Movement is an amazing way to get the energy we don't want to live within us out of us. So go for a quick walk, or do a yoga session, even something simple like pacing or push-ups or jump up and down in place. Whatever works best for you in that moment. Just get moving and the energy will move.  

3-Human Connection

We need to connect with each other on a humanistic level. We have the need to step outside of our immediate circle of friends to make new friends as well. Our inner circle is is so important and so beautiful. Its a necessity to living a life of meaning with love and light. In addition to that we need to connect with people outside of our inner circle. You are called to be the light in someones life. Your energy, your genetic makeup, your beliefs, ideals, and gifts make you vastly unique. Only you can give the energy you give. There might be just one person who needs your energy, that energy only you can give. I believe that there are multitudes of people out there who need your energy and your beautiful light. Get out there and shine bright. There are multitudes of people who need it. 

4-Awaken your Wild Child Within

The part of you that runs wild against worldly expectation and formality. The part of you that is free to be who you were born to be. The part of you that doesn't care about what the world tells us to be. That part of you that ignites bliss. Do whatever you can to ignite that part of you. Be like a kid again. Do what makes you feel as free as you did as a kid. This part of you does not accept negative energy. It just shines your light and unconditional love.

When we look inward for the answers to the path to our passion it aligns us with purpose and allows us to share our energy with the world. 

How do you reset your energy? What are the quickest ways to restore alignment being centered with purpose? Let me know in the comments. Lets come together to help each other exit out of negative energy and into positive. As we focus on this more we will come together to support peace and well being.

Shine bright the world needs your beautiful light.