The Season of Awakening

Growing up I always had the worst allergies. They were so severe I couldn't go outside. Spring was the worst. My eyes would swell shut and my head would become so heavy I couldn't even hold it up. I dreaded spring. The sound of a lawnmower gave me anxiety. The blossoms on the trees and the smell of spring forced me to lock myself inside in misery. I sadly despised even the mention of gardening because I couldn't do it without it knocking me out. 

Luckily within the past 5 years these allergies have miraculously gotten better. As they have healed so have the parts of me I locked away. I see spring in a whole new light. Partly because I can actually see it. I enjoy walks outside, seeing the blossoms in the trees while smelling the fresh new growth of flowers, grass and plants. 

Breathing in the fresh air, I feel the new life of spring. Symbolic of the new parts of myself that are awakening as I transform. Every moment of spring I am blessed to see represents parts of me that are evolving into my next version of myself. 

This makes me wonder. How many things in life have we been blind to?  Whether it's through an ailment, or a fear. What parts of us do we suppress, and when the day comes that our sight is restored, do we still keep these parts of us dormant? 

There are things in life we are not ready to see until the time is right.  There are times when God, is preparing us to open our eyes to something more beautiful then we ever could imagine. And though it is hard when we are in a stage of blindness, when It is time for it to be restored the beauty is beyond measure. Sometimes I think God, the universe or whatever you believe,  is saving things for us, for when we are really truly ready. When that day comes the blindness is lifted. All that we learned through the process restores us back to wholeness it gives new life to the parts of us that need to awaken when the world is most prepared for them. 


The divine connection to the earth, and the people in it is not by accident. It is not a coincidence, that the beauty in the world, in nature and adventure inspire the greatness in each of us. 

What has God been preparing you for? Is it your season to sow, or your season to reap? Are you in a season of blindness, or is it your time to awaken to your divine path? There is beauty in each season. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.53.21 AM.png

At this time in my life I needed this small but significant message. I needed spring to symbolize transformation and awakening new life within. I needed to be blind to it so that in this very season in my life I could grow a garden and apply the process of it to life. My life right now needed to connect to spring within my own awakening. And as the flowers bloom and the trees blossom, I reawaken the parts of me that have been dormant. The fire within my soul burns brighter. My heart centers to the light of my inner child. As I stand in spring in awe of its beauty I stand in truth of who I was born to be.