4 Simple Steps to Creating with Intention

There is a common misconception around creativity. Most people think there are creative people and there are non-creative people in the world, but the truth is we are all creative in our own unique way. We were born to create. It is in our DNA. It might show up differently for each of us, but within our own genetic makeup is the ability to create. This was an integral part in the way we ourselves were created, in as much that it allows us to create the things that will inspire the world, whether it be through fun, laughter, joy, art, or the ability to solve more logical matters that make our world function.


We are so wired to create that the mere denial of our creativity puts us out of touch with the fact that we are actually creating the life that we live. When we don’t embrace our creative ability we misunderstand the connection between our thoughts or actions and the significant part we play in the cycles of manifestation. This eventually becomes a total disconnection between the natural algorithm of Co-creation and what we manifest. We give our creative power to the illusion that something outside of us is creating our life for us, which further disconnects us from the truth. 


We are literally creating our life with our thoughts and the actions that are born from those thoughts. How we view and think of other people creates our relationship with them, good and bad. The way we think of our career or job is a direct premonition of what you will and are experiencing with it. The thoughts you have about yourself create a story in your mind that you look for things to validate. Good or bad. All of these things become the experience that is your life. 

The way we see the world is wildly dependent on the thoughts first perceived in our mind and therefore created in the experience of our life.


In experience design, the first place you start is ideation (brainstorming) which is thought and creativity. From there it moves to a storyboard phase. You literally create a story around an experience you want to create a product, website or event. The same principles apply to the experience of our lives. It starts with our thoughts and ideas, and from there we create a story in our minds that translates into the actual life that we live. The truth: we are naturally doing this. Whether we are conscious of it, or not it is happening. It’s time to stop believing the illusion that someone or something outside of us creates our life for us. You are in the driver seat or the artist chair and you are designing your life. Why not make it exactly how you want it? 

The natural algorithm of Co-creation. When we embrace our ability to create we take back the power we have by owning what we are creating. Whether it is intentional or not. So how do we switch back into intentional creating? Here are four simple steps to get in check with your own creative process in your own life’s experience design.

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1-Align how you desire to feel, with what you create.

We get this backward a lot of the time. Our world teaches us that everything we think we want is achieved in attaining something outside ourselves. Getting that job promotion, or buying that new car or a new house, will surely bring us happiness, joy and all the other feelings we want to feel. The problem is this illusion quickly shows us its true colors once we achieve that goal and the happiness, joy and other desires don't come with it. It starts within. You already have within you everything you need to be happy, joyful and any and every other feeling you desire to feel. Its the moment you take that power back that you discover that desire is not a destination it is already part of your natural algorithm of being. So instead of looking for the next goal to reach for or the next thing to attain, look within and really ask yourself how do you desire to feel? What do you think all those outside things are going to bring you? No channel those feelings into your actions. Make everything you do, create the feelings you wrote down. Make it a point to make time on your calendar to create these feelings in your life. This has magic within it. It will return you to the present moment and put you in the flow of co-creating your desires with purpose, love, and passion.

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2-Intention Intention Intention.... did I say Intention?

Becoming conscious of our thoughts restores your power within the process of manifestation. Making it a point to declare your intentions on a regular basis, calls the universe to attention, and allows us to ask the universe to prepare us and make way for our highest desires to come to life. When we set our intentions we gracefully ask that the universe co-creates them with us. You will begin to see things synchronize in your life, and beautiful serendipity will naturally come to light around your intentions when they are aligned with your truth and the purpose you serve. Setting your intentions brings focus and alignment with what you do a day to day basis. This is where you take the power back from an outside source. It is your own.

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3- Let Go of what no longer serves you.

This is one that is widely overlooked in most western world societies. We are so concerned with being accepted that we tend to easily take on things that don't really align with our truth but might align with perceived expectations of an outside source. When we do this we fall into serving the ego by making ourselves appear to belong and choose to not see every part of who we are as beautiful. We think we have to be a certain way and fail to see how some of those things are actually holding us back from our destiny and our truest desires. We don't realize that there are parts of us that no longer serve us, and might be keeping us from our purpose, so we keep holding onto them and wonder why our life keeps cycling right back to where we started. Its okay to look within yourself and realize what is no longer serving you. For me, this has been a huge shift in my life. I have let go of things like perfection, the need to be enough, the feeling like I have to do it all. It might seem like simple things but as I've let them go I have made room for things that awaken my soul and allow me to live with passion.


4-Create a rhythmic ritual to do 1-3

Rituals are an incredible way to bring the practice of manifestation and co-creation to life in a consistent way. This can be different for everyone, it's just a matter of finding what is right for you and sticking with it. It could be on a specific date of every month or you could sync it up to the phases of the moon. The phases of the moon have worked really well for me. I personally believe there is an energy and power to the moon that is felt when you do these things as a moon ritual. For example, on a new moon, you set intentions and reflect on your desires, on a full moon your assess how your life is lining up to your desires and you let go of anything that is no longer serving you and the experience of your life. This is a beautiful way to do this. I have always been drawn to the moon, my whole life and now I understand why. Whatever ritual you choose to WRITE IT DOWN. Write down intentions, desired feelings, desires, and what you want to let go. Writing these things down is vital to creation. We are so inundated with information and content overload on a minute to minute basis that journaling and writing things down with a pen and paper is more important now more than ever. Get yourself a journal that speaks to you and makes it a point to set aside time monthly to do your ritual and write down each step.

This post is a loving reminder that you are the writer of your own story, the artist of your art, the creator of the life you experience. It's time to take back the pencil and begin to create your art. Design the life you love by restoring the process of co-creation. Understand and exercise intention setting, the art of letting go, and aligning your life with your desired feelings. This is your life. It's time to live it exactly how you want it to be.

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