Adventure Calls Her

The way of the wild heart. It awakens within, it moves beyond what you know to discover what calls you. Gazing at this world with wonder, curiosity lights the way. As a wild heart wanders, it listens to the rhythm that moves life, it hears the beautiful sound, of the voice that whispers within, where the call will truly be found.

It is adventure that calls to her, and we try to listen. She guides the way. Her free spirit inspires, her wild hearts fire, helping guide what her voice is meant to say.  

"Oh how her eyes see the beauty in this world."

"Oh how her eyes see the beauty in this world."

Last month our little Harlow turned one. We wanted to give her the best experience we could. But when it comes to our little girl, she is anything but "By the book" She tests boundaries not the water, instead she jumps right in. Nothing stops her or holds her back, she insists on leading her win. So how do you plan the first birthday for the girl with the wild heart and the adventurous soul? You don't. You just let her do what she does best... you let her guide you.

When she was tired we let her sleep... When she was hungry we ate all her favorite things, and when she was ready for adventure we didn't stop. As we celebrated her birthday I realized just how beautiful this concept is. Not just for birthdays but for parenting in its entirety.  Its not about trying to get your kids to fit within your idea of life. Its about really getting in tune with what your kids are trying to tell you. Its about letting their call drive what you do. As you guide them to learn the true meaning of life, and the lessons that will keep them safe, while arming them with the tools to live the life they dream of.

Taking a day to celebrate a birthday inspired us to really look into the hearts of our children and celebrate their greatness everyday. This is what we were meant to do as their parents. As we pattern their experiences to nourish the unique beauty within them, we will be lead to the effective and important ways to parent the leaders, heroes, and icons of our future. The generation we are raising will move mountains, save lives, and protect and create the beauty in our world. So long as we step up, stand up, teach, guide and celebrate who they are.

Adventure is what drives Harlow she loves to try new things. She is a doer, a mover, a shaker, and her confidence, drive, and fearlessness will move mountains.

On her 1st birthday we wanted to introduce her to some animals. She loves all things fluffy, she adores being outside, and she seems to be fascinated by animals. We took her to Gardner Village. They have a petting zoo, that is filled with rescue animals. The kids got to feed them, pet them, talk to them and learn about them. Both Harlow and Jagger loved the bunnies, ponies, lamas, horses, and goats. This experience could not have been more perfect for her special day. She even got to ride a pony.

Her Smiles were contagious and endless. She was so happy to be introduced to what, we might view as small beauties of the world, but to her they were everything. She was so excited and the light within her was shining bright all day.

She is not like most kids. She loves to discover the world and understand it in her own way. She isn't one to play much with toys. She is a busy body and doesn't stop moving. Its like something is calling her. She wants to get out and discover the world. As her mother I will stop at nothing to get her out there to see the beauty in it.

I'll keep blogging about what we find, so you can all see it, and experience it with your family, as well. Because Creating True Bliss lives within adventure and living your purpose while helping others live theirs.

Happy Birthday to my little Harlow. There are no words to express how amazed I am by you. You inspire me to care less about what doesn't matter, and care more about what does. You are a beautiful light in this world and I am so honored and proud to be your mom.