Best Paint Colors for Natural Light

The Design of our home is set up for letting a lot of natural light in. When It came to picking paint colors I didn't want anything too dark to compete with the beauty of that natural light.

Everyone thought I was crazy, when I decided to go with all white walls.... Some people even tried to talk me out of it. I just knew this is what we wanted, and the only way to achieve the clean, crisp neutral feel we were going for.

During the Parade that was one of the top questions asked... So I wanted to share all the paint details here:

The Main Wall Color- is Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008 in a satin finish. This is a warm white that is still muted enough it doesn't feel too bright or like there is any yellow hue to it. I LOVE how it looks all throughout our home.

The Accent Wall and Trim Color is Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005 in a semi gloss finish. This is a touch brighter than the wall color and almost has a more grey hue to it. At first we weren't going to do a different color but decided last minute upon strong suggestions from our builder and painter... to go with a white accent color. Even though its still white it really makes the accent walls and finish work pop. I'm very happy with how it all turned out.

What is your favorite shade of white? Not into the white paint? What is your favorite color of paint? 

It is so fun to have a canvas in house form. Surround yourself with what inspires you, and always remember to create true bliss.

Whitney Jensen

I am a Wife, Mother, Blogger, Creative Director, Yogi, and Business Owner, That ispassionate about creating beauty in the world. It is my purpose and mission in life to help people design the life they love, by helping them create their dreams. Everything I do in my life is dedicated to helping people feel at home when expressing their creativity. To feel at home is to feel valued and accepted for who you are. This is my beautiful ongoing story of using passion and positivity to Create True Bliss.