Enchanted Forest 1st Birthday Party

I find magic in little things... and at times it overtakes me. Birthdays and special life events are not a small thing to me. In my world they are a big deal, and they always will be a big deal. I believe life should be celebrated every day. Our life should be filled with moments of magic that make the world we see beautiful. When it comes to a birthday, that is when all of those moments should be dedicated to the person you are celebrating.

It is one of the most beautiful things in the world to feel that who you are is appreciated, loved and celebrated. It brings a light to the way your loved ones feel about you as well as helps you understand what energy you are putting out into the world, and how you are being perceived.

So with that said when it comes to a birthday of someone I love. I pull out all stops. I try to think of what that person means to me and somehow make something special for them whether its a party, a gift, or just time spent together. When my kids birthdays roll around... many think I'm crazy but I love to throw parties that transform their world for a day into something they love, something that matters to them. It is a small way for them to feel celebrated for who they are. To me that is Extremely important.

Harlow's First Birthday Party had to be special. I thought about her personalty and one word kept coming up... enchanting. Harlow is enchanting. Her energy compels action, but its in a way that you don't question a thing you just get up and you do what she wants you to do, or rather what she knows you want to do. Her gifts amaze me. She makes the ordinary extraordinary and she helps me see the world in a whole new way. She challenges me and every time she ends up being right. All of those things are things to celebrate.

I decided to do a Snow White-Enchanted forest party. Along with being enchanting, she LOVES plush animals, real animals, and movies of animals. Snow white has also been the ONLY movie (Untill Moana- But more on that later) that she will stop to watch for more than 20 minutes. Mainly due to the animals and the music. So naturally her party came together with a few of her favorite things, and a storybook way of expressing and celebrating her gifts.

Special touches are everything.

Food: We served Soup, and Apple Pie for dessert (Snow White makes soup for the dwarfs the night she meets them. And Apple pies... Well watch the movie you will get it.)

Decor: I wanted her party to look elegant and whimsical rather than cartoon and bold. So I went with a woodland winter wonderland. Color scheme, was greens, white, touches of pink, gold, red, and glitter.

Table Scape: Pine with Dew drops, Vases with white rocks and red gems and gold and white branches. I wanted to add a little texture to it so I added this white fur piece to the garland.

Island Scape: Gold and Green Faux Mossy Garlands, I added some lights to it. By the way these lights are amazing you can shape them and mold them to whatever you want. They are so dainty and pretty too. Then I added in gold antlers for a enchanted forest feel. This became the focal point to display the monthly photos of Harlow. My favorite part. Month one to month 12 became progressively more crazy, spunky, sassy and wild. Perfect glimpse into Harlow's first year of life. Notice Month one vs Month 12. Yep that's my girl.




Centerpieces: I wanted to do fresh flowers but decided to go with something more wintry. So I designed these with faux flowers and put them in vases full of apples. I love how the natural look of the apple brought out the perfect contrast while keeping the enchanted look.

Favors and Activity for the Kids: I like to have something at our parties for the kids to do. At Harlow's Party they got to make Magic Mirrors. I just bought some cheap mirrors, craft gems and glue. Printed off some favor tags and there we have it. Fun and a thank you favor.


Special Touches: This is my real favorite part. At a Snow White Party... You need a wishing well. So I tasked Harlow's Daddy and Brother with making her a wishing well. It turned out so cute. They made this with a Quaker oat can, black paint, river rocks, dowels and small wood planks for the roof. It was even more meaningful because her boys made it for her. I wanted something special at her first birthday that would celebrate her now and be something she could look back on in the years to come and understand how she was as a baby. So we decided to ask all our guests to make a wish into the wishing well for Harlow. We provided paper, pens and envelopes for everyone and asked each person to write a letter to Harlow that she would open on her 18th birthday. It will stay in her wishing well until then. I think this will mean a lot to her when she gets to open them, and It will bring some smiles, as well.

Most people say kids won't remember a birthday at such a young age. I disagree. The younger the kid the more receptive they are to energy, and emotion. They might not remember specifics but they will remember how you made them feel, and the energy of the day. They will remember being celebrated, loved, and appreciated for who they are. They will remember the celebration of their unique gifts within. They will understand the love you put into their special day. Because of that I will always put a lot of thought into parties. Its important to me to make them understand how important they are.

Happy First Birthday Baby Harlow. You keep enchanting this world, and compel people to bring out their greatness. Love you Sweetheart!