How Vastly Unique You Are

We are born with the full knowledge of who we are. Our core self in its purity guides us in our truth and light. We are whole. We are abundant, complex and vastly unique. Let me explain just the tip of how vastly unique you are.

True Core Self- This full knowledge of who you are, is what we call your true core self. This is you before the world and everyone in it told you who you should be. This is your truth, your connection to the divine. It is made up of lifetimes of knowledge, purpose, and your own unique beauty. Beauty in your light, and the beauty in your darkness. Your true core self is completely connected and aligned. Think of watching a young child. Curious about the world but ultimately, they know exactly who they are. They communicate the way they feel is best. They shine through their gifts, and they are drawn to develop them. They shine their light no matter what anyone says, or thinks. They are wild and free in their truth. That is what True Core Self is. To get back to that-we have to become centered in mind, body, and soul. As we free our inner wild.

Divine Gifts- This part of us is so important and its greatly misunderstood by the world we live in. Many gifts have been given stereotypes and condescending labels, because they don't fit the systematic ecosystem we currently live in. Divine gifts are bestowed upon us before we come to this earth, even through many lifetimes. These gifts are carried within our soul. There are many. The gifts so greatly misunderstood to name a few are: Empathic, Intuitive, Psychic, Channeling, Medium ability, Mystic ability, Occult ability, as well as things like Aptitude for Intellect.

Talents- are how we translate those Divine gifts to the world. Through Art, Music, Writing, Academia, Athletics, Healing, Nurturing, Science, Business, Charity, Spiritual Teaching, etc. We are drawn to specific things for a reason. They call to us. We each excel so differently, in many different ways. We have strengths and weaknesses to show us in what Industry or area of translation, we are called to be. Over time we explore, and see what speaks to our soul, and what can ultimately act as a vehicle, for our divine gifts and purpose to emerge through.

Purpose and Calling- We are each connected to a purpose and calling in life. One that is uniquely yours. One that only you can do, in the way only you can do it. However we commonly misconceive this as being our own. Purpose is unique to you, but it is not yours. Purpose is Bigger than yourself. It is BIG. There are tribes of people that will unite through purpose. Rather than it being "my purpose." or "your purpose" It is "Purpose." There are different purposes, but many people that will come together to create a community around each purpose. Each person in that community will have a different calling within that purpose. We need to learn to follow what we are called to. We need to learn to follow the call inside us. It will lead us to our tribe, and our community through purpose.

Passion- The first definitions of the word "passion" are along the lines of "loving something so deeply you are willing to suffer for it." Over time we have diluted this word into explaining something we love to do, or that matters to us. Which is true, but ultimately its much deeper thank that. When we are passionate about something we are willing to suffer for it. Passion is a driver for purpose and our light. Passion is the rhythm of life. It connects our talents to our calling and purpose, and can open the pathways to our true core self.

Soulful Languages- A soulful language is anything that speaks to your soul. Its different for everyone. Whatever the language may be, it ignites the song in your soul. It connects you to a higher power, it aligns your gifts with your purpose, calling, passion, and how you translate those into earthly form. For many its music. It can also be words through poetry or a book that speaks deeply to you. Many of us find these languages in love, peace, grace, and harmony. Whatever it is- it makes the fire in your soul burn wildly bright, igniting the song of your soul.

Thinking Attributes/Genetics- It is no secret, we all think differently. Some of us are more logical linear thinkers, and some of us are more conceptional and emotional thinkers. There are four ultimate attributes of thinking that our brains are wired with. We each have a unique combination. A combination made up of attributes we prefer to think in. When we are performing within those preferred thinking attributes we perform well. We feel to be "in our music." Depending on the combination of those attributes you will excel and work well within the systems of traditional schooling. Some will not, and don't have as much of a support in the traditional systems. We are born with these preferences. It is genetics. Our brains are wired into those preferences. Along with other genetics passed on from our ancestry. These types of genetics can create a beautiful connection to our lineage.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.18.25 PM.png

Behaviors and Habits- Are learned over time. Greatly dependent on how we fit or don't fit into traditional system. How we meet or don't meet expectations from others. How we ultimately fit within this world at large, or how we think we do. All of these things breed our behaviors. We look to our parents, caretakers, and environment to assess where we stand within the ecosystem, and translate that through our behavior. This covers the intensity in which we choose to communicate, Assert our opinions, beliefs and who we are. As well as what our flexibility is to life and situations. In other words behaviors are the drivers for first impressions. Other people size us up based on the behaviors we are putting out there. Its the first thing they see. It is how we have learned to portray the marriage between who we truly are and who the world wants us to be. (Or rather who we think the world whats us to be.) 

Habits are our daily actions that make up our life. We develop habits just like behaviors. Over long periods of time we consistently act according to our behaviors and responsibilities to create the habits that create our life. Behaviors and Habits are learned and can be changed over time with conscious effort. 

Then we add in things like, Birth order, Culture, Beliefs, Values, and all the spaces we try to fit the pieces of us into, in hopes of acceptance, approval and adequacy.

All of these things together and you have a person. Unique in so many ways, We are complexity, abundant, and greatly faceted into combinations, coded to our living breathing humanistic self. Of mind, Body and Soul. Its no wonder why we so greatly misunderstand each other. It is no wonder that who we are, gets lost in all of the layers. How we don't fit into the linear  systems of our world. Its no wonder how we get lost in expectations, and the myths of adequacy. That we put our worth in the comfort of the spaces we try to fill- with the pieces we break ourselves into.  Most of the time who we are in the state of "Wholeness" does not fit who the world wants, enforces and expects us to be. So we start breaking ourselves up into pieces. Pieces that might fit the expectations, and the spaces of approval. Some of these pieces of us get comfortable in these spaces but we get wrapped up in the illusion that that piece is all we are. We build walls to protect the rest of us and we get so far on the other side of that wall into our space of comfort that we can't even see who we are anymore.

Its time to start seeing ourselves again. Its time to be who we are and restore our truth, our light and renew our wholeness. Its time to center ourselves again. Its time to release the wild within us and be who we were born to be. We know who we are. Lets create a community where that core self feels at home.

Shine Bright the world needs your beautiful light.