Industrial Dinosaur Room Perfect For A Toddler

Jagger's room was so fun to put together. I love that at his young age he is discovering all the things he loves. It is so fun to see what he is drawn to, and I wanted to incorporate some of that in his room.

Jagger loves dinosaurs, by the time he was 18 months he not only knew the names of most of the dinosaurs but how to distinguish a Diplodocus from a Braciosauris, a triceratops from a Chasmasoris and so on. Same goes for animals. He quickly learned the names of animals and where what habitat they live in. When it comes to dinosaurs and animals he is a super genius.

I decided to incorporate a little piece of education into the design of his room as well. His room theme is Dinosaurs... he helped me pick things out to bring his style into it. The only thing I didn't agree too that he wanted was to have everything red his favorite color.

So here it is:

First The Reclaimed Wood Wall: his room took on a rustic industrial feel, and we liked the idea of a reclaimed wood wall... This particular wall has a lot of meaning to it, which I try to bring an element of meaning in each of the rooms I design. My family owns a really cool company, where we help people send out positivity to the world through heartfelt messages in greeting cards. My Dad started this when I was young and our family was a big part of bringing the company to life. In turn the company was a big part in making us kids who we are today. We learned a lot about business, the world, and the importance having a mission to dedicate your gifts to. I still work for that company and I am grateful for all I have learned in over a decade of working there. It is amazing to be a part of something that is truly changing lives... So we lucked out the wood we got for this wall actually came from the pallets that the paper for the greeting cards come on.. How cool is that? So now my son gets the the sentiment of something that once held the paper that turned into cards that were sent out in kindness all over the world.

Big thanks to my cousin, who broke the wood planks down toor nails out and let it weather in his yard... It gave it the reclaimed look it has. We then picked a few stains and painted the wood. Then we laid it out in the pattern we wanted and hung it up on the wall...

Linens and Bedding- I was so excited to find the more natural colors in a dinosaur pattern. It is a little difficult to find kid approved bedding that is not super cartoon and bright colors. We found this at Pottery Barn Kids.

Wall Decor- The posters are from Hobby Lobby. I mounted them on foam core and bought the standoff screws on amazon. It brought a different and fun way to hang something on a wall rather than a frame. We found the turtle shells at Target, and thought Jagger needed a little element of his Ninja Turtle obsession in his room.

Dressers- We big time lucked out with these dressers... I had been everything them on Pottery Barn and didn't want to swing the thousands of dollars to by each one. We stumbled into Downeast outfitters and there they were at a fraction of the cost... SCORE.

Playskool Kota Dinosaur- They don't make these anymore... they have them on amazon we found ours on KSL. Jagger and Harlow both love him. They are fascinated by how he moves and makes noises.

Jagger loves the way his room turned out. Its very calm and relaxing, yet he is surrounded by one of his favorite things.

Happy Designing!

Whitney Jensen

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