The Art of a Custom Handmade Hardwood Floors a Spectacle in Any Space

As we built our home we found that we had a bit of an obsession for unique products that screamed "handmade", and presented beautiful craftsmanship. We decided there were elements within the home that we simply couldn't scale back on. One of which was our Hardwood flooring.

That's when it happened. We were at a Home and Garden expo, turned a corner, and there it was. The most beautiful wood floor we have ever seen. As we stepped foot and the 10'x10' sample floor we were completely awe-struck.

Then we heard the story. The floor is a full hardwood floor, made of Hickory, which is one of the hardiest, and most durable woods. They take this wood and do a few different techniques to give it a very natural look, with tons of character. They have options for different stains. They can weather it, smoke it, and/or hand-scrape it, among other options. Every combination gives your floor a beautiful and unique look that is customized to your taste for your home.

It gets even better..... This company is a family owned company. Josh, Karen and Kyle have been in the flooring industry for years, and recently branched out on their own to create a company that allowed them to use their unique, and custom craftsmanship, to create beautiful pieces of art. Nothing that comes from their company looks manufactured. You can literally feel the passion they have for what they do within what they create.

If you ask me... That is something I want in my home, that I will be raising my kids in.

In our home we went with a natural wood, smoked and hand scraped. We actually had something completely different picked out... But once I told Kyle what colors I was doing in our home he offered to create something different and new so I could choose from two different options. He even gave us amazing samples that we could take with us to see in the space before we made the final decision. We loved what he created for us. It is absolutely beautiful.


This floor became the focal point we designed everything else around. After we found this floor. We ended up changing colors, styles, etc to compliment the floor. I couldn't be happier with the change the floor inspired. The only thing I would have changed would be to have gone with the wider planks, to be a little more bold.

In my opinion the hardwood floors is something I am always comfortable splurging on. Because it makes an significant statement. Building the design around such a spectacle really gave our house the character it has. With that being said, The Woodman Floors was actually very well priced for what you are getting.... The art of these hardwood floors are priceless.

I highly recommend The Woodman Floors to anyone and everyone in the market for a wood floor. Not only do they make an incredible floor, they are so great to work with.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored, it is simply a happy customer review. For more information visit

Tell me your thoughts... or if you have worked with The Woodman Floors I'd love to see your custom floor.