Using Passion to Create True Bliss

Lately I've been thinking in depth about what I'm passionate about. One of my favorite quotes keeps running through my head.... 

"The things that you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling."

-Fabienne Fredrickson

This could not be more true. As I have discovered the strategy of my dreams and vision for the future; I keep coming back to one thing. That one thing is this...

Everything I do from here on out needs to reflect what I'm passionate about because that passion truly is my calling
I tend to think very broad and somewhat all over the board. So over the past few months I have made a commitment to narrow my aspirations down to the core root of each desire. 

This has been an incredible exercise. I encourage you to do the same. Make a list of all the things you want to do in life... No limitations. From that list, look at what those things have in common and keep narrowing it down. Make that list your focus for the year. 

Mine looks something like this: 

I'm passionate about

  1. Creating beauty in the world. 
  2. Helping people live their dreams 
  3. Making memories with the people I love. 
  4. Personal development- mind body soul connection 
  5. Teaching my children to dream big and work hard. 

There are a lot of "how's" to do these things,  the possibilities are endless. 

But the core of them all comes down to "my one thing."

Creating True Bliss

To achieve true bliss it means doing what I love, it means creating my dreams, and inspiring others to do the same. It means seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter of my two kids as we make memories together. It means seeing their excitement as they learn about, create, and inspire the world around them. 

True bliss is first achieved by working on the internal connection, nourishing your mind body and soul. 

When we are in alignment we allow the manifestation of our dreams into our life. We can then be open to our purpose and what we as individuals are here to give the world and the people in it. 

I am compelled to give this blog a make over. From this day forward my posts will be about my one thing. They will relate to my list. They will offer a glimpse into what works for me, and my journey through my very focused year in creating my future. 

For my passion is my calling and so is yours. My intention for this blog is to inspire your journey to your purpose. It will give you tools to help you find your passion and create your true bliss. 

I will be doing one post a day through my blog or social media channels that reflect how I'm using my passion to create true bliss. 

Be sure to subscribe and follow me. It takes a village to create our dreams. Let's do this together.