The Truth About Soulful and Human Language

There is a place to call home, it is one that our physical homes only come close to portraying. Our real home is a place within us, a place where every part of who we are feels loved, valued and accepted to the point that we don’t even have the need for those things, because it is a place we naturally are love, and there is no need to place a measurable value on who we are.

In this place, we see our divinity. We see our core truth, and we understand the strength of our beauty and the magnitude of the light within us. In this place, we feel home in our divine gifts and free from fear. We feel fully equipped and empowered to give our magnificence and brilliance to the world. This home resides in the space where our soul and our core truth (Who we truly are) meet.

Our soul speaks to our truth in a soulful language that is a dialect only understood on a spiritual and soulful level. The tricky part of this, is soulful language is a completely different language from any humanistic language that exists on the planet today. This creates a divide that we all are consciously or subconsciously seeking to bridge. “How do I communicate what I feel in my soul, in a way the world might understand?” This question might run through our minds on a daily basis as we fight the fight between conforming to what the world wants us to be,and figuring out a way to express a language that is seemingly incomprehensible to our earthly communications. That is until we find something to act as a bridge to act as our translator.

There is a part of you that comes alive when you hear music, (this is felt for some people more than others.) or when you read poetry. There is something about the way each of these art forms arranges humanistic language into a beautiful cadence that makes the soul take notice. The part of you that feels alive is the soul because, in this scenario it is like two people who speak different languages trying to respect and understand each other as they try to communicate.

Our soul synchronizes with the unique art forms on this earth that speak to it. In that synchronization, our passion, purpose, and truth awakens and takes notice. The closest we will ever come to communicating our soulful language is by actively pouring all that we are into what we are passionate about. Dedicating our time to building the talents and gifts within us opens the door to our ability to create, and it is in that creation that the soul is able to express itself.

Passion is the rhythm of life and the key to soulful language. When you dance to the rhythm of your passion your soulful language sings the lyrics to the song that makes up your life.

For many of us, we have to remember who we are. We were born with full knowledge of our truth and wholeness of our natural and universal algorithms of abundance, love, and truth (who we were born to be). When we come to this earth we face a separation that over time our world plays upon to try to force us to fit into a box or a few different boxes for that matter. We live in a world that encourages you to bend, edit and fold who you are into pieces that are accepted. It is widely accepted to suppress the pieces of you that are not accepted to a group in order to belong.

In the quest to belong we learn to quiet our inner voice and disconnect ourselves into a fragmented state. When we awaken and transform we understand the need to reconnect and remember our core truth. Who you were before the world told you who you should be. This part of us comes alive again when we perform in our passion and allow our truth to speak. Though the art form is different for everyone, ultimately you know within your heart what your art form is.

It can be anything from music, to gardening, mathematics, to writing, decorating to speaking on a stage, the art forms on this earth are endless and that is the beautiful gift our world has to offer us. A place to play, and see what truly resonates with our soul, so that it may express its magnificence to the world. You are magnificicent, and the world needs your beautiful brilliance. Let it shine.

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