Top 6 Ways to Nurture Soulful Language in Children

Earlier this week I posted about the truth about soulful and humanistic language. To follow up to that post I wanted to talk today about how this concept shows up for children.

The truth of the matter is children already know who they are, they are already in touch with their divine gifts and are approaching life from a state of wholeness. Curiosity takes the place of any physical ability that is not fully developed for them yet. They approach life with wonder and are naturally seeking humanistic ways to express their soulful language. The beauty is children still fully hear and understand their soulful language.

They merely need the humanistic language and earthly context to help them communicate their divine gifts to the world. You see-they haven’t faced the life experiences yet that might disconnect them from that, as much as an adult might have. This puts us adults in a unique position. We can help them find this language to express their divine gifts, and their extremely in tune spiritual and soulful sense in a way that helps them not feel alone. By having a way to communicate these things our children won't be inclined to suppress the parts of them that they don’t have a humanistic understanding of. In addition, when they do face challenges in life, they are able to rely on their divine gifts to help them through it while also leveraging them to serve purpose they are here to serve.

We can start this quest with a few simple things that ignite this dialog with our children.

Here are the top 6 ways to nurture soulful language in our children:


 1-Help them find what they are passionate about at a young age:

The bridge between soulful and humanistic language is built with passion. What we are passionate about is not by accident. It leads us to our soulful purpose and the divinity within ourselves. It leads us to the vehicle in which we can best offer our soulful language and divine gifts to the world. When it comes to our children the rule of thumb here is to provide opportunities for play and then become the observer of it. What happens if you put a toy drum in front of your 1-year-old? or if you give your 3-year-old a set of paints and a canvas? The will instantly love it or move away from it to find something else that ignites their creativity and passion. Observe and then Nurture. In the observation stage we are sitting back to see what our children are drawn to, then we can move into the nurturing stage and provide ways to nurture the passion for that interest in our children.


2-Teach them about Purpose

This might seem like a difficult concept because most of us adults don’t fully understand purpose. Having dialog for what the purpose behind what we do is a perfect place to start. Asking the question “why.” “Why did you make that decision” or “Why do you want that?” creates a healthy relationship with the world why, and leads to understanding purposeful intention. When we ourselves are conscious of the purpose behind our decisions and what we do, our kids see it. When our kids have the dialog for purpose they will continue to seek to understand purpose on a deeper level.


3-See and value their divine gifts daily and help them do the same.

Kids just want to be seen. Every person on the planet just wants to be seen. It is our job as their parent or adult in their life to see them, and really see them. Seeing their divine gifts and celebrating them on a daily basis helps them understand that there is a place for those gifts here on this earth. It helps them further love their gifts and want to develop them in ways that will help them best give their own light and brilliance to the world.


 4-See and understand the warning signs of a taxed out divine gift

Divine gifts are not widely understood, and because of that, we human beings do not nurture them the way they need to be nurtured. Without that nourishment, they fall into a depleted state that causes us to have physiological, physical, and behavioral reactions. Sometimes these reactions can be a way for an overloaded ability to wind down, and other times it can be a sign that energy is being held onto that needs to be released in order to restore well being. To learn more about warning signs and divine gifts click here:


5-Help them feel safe in their emotions

It has been said that emotions are our internal web of communication that our higher self, our soul, and our core truth send messages to us. If we deny these emotions we are denying that communication. It is vitally important to help our children feel safe in their emotions. They need to know its okay to cry, its okay to laugh, its okay to feel fear, and teach them to feel it and process it, in order for they themselves to understand what it is telling them. Saying things like “what are you feeling right now?” or “Its okay to cry, I know you are feeling sad right now, and that’s okay, I am here.” Are monumental in this effort. I learned this from my highly empathic, divinely gifted son. Whenever I am in an intense emotional state, he just walks up and puts his hand on my arm, or crawls onto my lap and sits with me awhile. He doesn’t feel the need to say anything, or to fix anything, or to tell me to act differently he is just present with me wherever I am at in my feelings. This is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever witnessed in a person. I am so lucky that he has brought me the ability to see that just being there is all that is needed to feel safe in your emotions.

6- Empower who they are with simple tools like affirmations

Affirmations are a beautiful way to capture the essence of who you are in the form of a simple yet powerful sentence. An Affirmation is a powerful tool that connects our subconscious and conscious mind to the song of the soul. Even as simple as I am Brave, I am Me, I am smart, kind, beautiful, Each of these put simple humanistic language that leads our minds to a deeper meaning expressed by the soul. Saying I Am Me is a powerful affirmation that leads the conscious mind to paint a picture of all that that means to you.

These are only 6 ideas of how we can show up for children in this loving and nurturing way on a soulful level. Ultimately with everything I write, I always come back to the intention that you and only you know what is best and what is needed for your children. You have your intuition for a reason, follow it. It will tell you what to do. Vibrationally, your child picks up on your actions, behaviors, and emotions, so when you follow your own intuition you will be showing them to follow theirs.

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