Own Your VIBE

Have you ever felt like you are sensing something that you can't quite explain? Or have you noticed that around certain people you feel happy, blissful and free, and around other individuals, you feel the complete opposite, sad heavy and confused? Are there places you love to go to and others you steer clear of no matter what?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you are in the midst of sensing a VIBE. Beyond the word VIBE, the deeper meaning leads to an entire science around the energy that we are surrounded with and what creates our own vibe.

You are giving off a vibe whether you are conscious of it or not. We have to become intentionally aware of our vibe so that we can consciously connect our desired change in the world with the vibe we are giving it. 

Individuals operate in many different energy vibrations at any given time. These energy vibrations range from low to high, heavy to light, and ultimately can be an indicator of the presence of love or the absence of it. You can not bring the change, peace or love you desire to bring to the world of you are not intentionally aligning your energetic vibration with that desire. 

It’s easy to walk around in frustration, anxiety, anger and unresolved emotions but we must start owning our vibe. We must become aware of our own energetic vibration to address the things we are feeling and experiencing and do what it takes to resolve and realign our own vibration with our desires. To become aware and fully conscious Of our vibe we must first understand what daily interactions feed into our vibe.

What is the anatomy of a vibe? 



The most powerful creators of our energetic vibrations are our thoughts. Our thoughts are the creators of our reality. The power of our mind is widely underestimated, and therefore one of the parts of the anatomy of a vibe, that we own the least. Thought can get away from us but if we learn to be intentional with our thoughts, we leverage their power into intentional creation. As Buddha said, "What we think we become." The life we live is literally created first by our thought. If we have low vibrational thinking we create a life that matches that vibe. If we have high vibrational thinking we create a life that matches that of high vibration. Your mind tells your body what to do, therefore your actions are the result of your mindset and your thinking. We must become intentional with our thoughts in terms of how we see the world, how we see our selves, and how what we choose to believe about both.



Unaddressed and unacknowledged Emotions turn into triggers we bury deep inside. When something in life causes emotions to resurfaces that we haven’t addressed, it tends to trigger the unresolved emotions we may have buried inside and this causes our behaviors to misfire. Then the chain reaction begins, our words become filled with low vibrational energy and our overall interactions become laced with the motives of ego. To become intentional about our vibe we have to become mindful and aware of our emotions. Emotions are the soul's way of speaking to us so it’s important to listen and to allow ourselves to address and fully understand the emotion. Our emotions create a vibe which’s is a beautiful thing it allows others to know when we are in emotional distress. When we become aware of this in ourselves we can see it in others and provide love care and help both for self and for others. 


Content Consumption

Everything we watch, read, or scroll through on the internet has an energetic vibration it becomes a part of your own energetic vibration. If you are watching low energy movies you shift into that same vibration, because subconsciously you are feeling and experiencing the emotions it’s bringing up. It invites thoughts in your mind that operate on the same vibration and therefore is shifting your own vibration as you consume the content. It’s important to align your content consumption with your desires to bring them forth energetically by adding to your vibe not taking away from it. 



Who you surround yourself with greatly effects your vibe. Energetically people can pull you up or down but ultimately that can only happen when you allow it to. Being conscious of the vibe of the people around you and knowing when to walk away is important in your overall well being. 



The vibe of an environment. You have probably heard the concept “you are a product of your environment.” The significance that your environment plays in your overall well being is immeasurable. If the environment you live in is primarily negative it brings that negativity into your worldview because it is in your immediate surroundings. If your environment is primarily positive it nurtures that positive energy within you and your worldview is more positive. That does not mean environment is an excuse, ultimately you get to decide what you allow in your life. You get to decide to stay in an environment or remove yourself from it.  There is a paradigm here, you are a product of your environment but you create your environment. If you are in a living situation that does not support your desired environment it’s time to remove yourself from it and create one you desire to live in. 

Owning your vibe means being conscious and mindful of the things that create your vibe. If you dive into the anatomy of your own vibe can you see the tie to what you are manifesting in your life? The way energy works is it matches like energy. Positive meets positive, negative meets negative etc. The universe meets your life with whatever vibe you are sending out to it. This is the art of manifestation.

The Emotional Guidance Scale by Jaime Tanna (The Law Of Attraction: Learning To move up the emtional Scale.

The Emotional Guidance Scale by Jaime Tanna (The Law Of Attraction: Learning To move up the emtional Scale.

As you see in this diagram, there are things we may not even realize are of low vibration. For example, Blame. The world we live in is quick to blame, ego is quick to blame because it wants to be right and prove someone else wrong. When we are in a place of blame we are in a low energetic vibration, and may not even be realizing it. This visual has been really helpful for me in becoming conscious of my thoughts, and what energy they are creating. Be kind to yourself and to others ignites love in our interactions and allows us to vibrate higher.

2018 is the perfect year to become aware of your vibe and what you are allowing to make up your vibe. You are the creator of your vibe, why not make it match what you desire?