True bliss is found in the present moment. In order to meet the present moment we must first love ourselves, just as we are. It is through that love that we are able to connect mind, body, spirit and soul in a state of wholeness, fully equipped to serve the purpose we were each born to serve. 

In our world today it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be present. So many things are distracting us from being who we are, and therefore we are always focused on the past or the future, and what we think others want from us. We become addicted to someone else' picture of success, and lose sight of our own.  All the should dos, could dos, and would dos are keeping us from doing anything. 

We fall into comparison and competition with ourselves and with others, which further results in us becoming disconnected from our self and others. True bliss already lives within us and in order to meet it again we must love who we truly are. Sometimes that takes healing and guidance back to within, where we can feel at home in our unique gifts and empowered to give them to the world with the support of a community built on the foundation of love. 

At the core of you- lives who you truly are. Your core truth. It is the inner wisdom within you that guides you back to wholeness. It will guide you to seek wellness of the mind body spirit and soul, so that you may connect all that you are- your truth, to purpose. 

When I became a mother to each of my beautiful children I learned that we are born with the full knowledge of who we are. We know our core truth and we are in full alignment with our divine and spiritual gifts. I learned by watching my children that all they really need is to be seen, loved, valued and cherished. They need to feel at home in their truth here on earth. As adults we know that is not always going to happen in this world, but what we can do is give them earthly context and humanistic language to help them navigate and express their truth and their gifts to the world. 

True Bliss reconnects you to your inner wild child.png

This blog is about creating true bliss by being who we were born to be. For adults that looks like a journey back within our selves as we remember our truth, and our divine gifts. For our children, they already know their truth and their divine gifts, and they just need tools to navigate this world. This blog is about each of those approaches to life. 

You will see 2 posts a week. Post 1 will be about a topic for the journey back to true self. Topics like purpose, passion, and reconnecting to our divine gifts. I will be posting about things that I have found to work for me. I will also talk about universal algorithms that are in place to remind us of our truth, and topics that help connect the mind, body, spirit, and soul through the art of self mastery, and self love.

Post 2- will be about a mirrored topic, in the context as it applies to our children and what we as their parents can provide them, to give them the tools to navigate a world they may not understand, while keeping their truth and divine gifts alive and wildly free. These posts are merely me sharing real life moments of bliss that I experience with my children to bring you ideas and things you might like to adapt into your home as well. Ultimately your intuition knows best what your kids need, but your kid's intuition knows better. Its my hope that these posts ignite that intuition or even just bring a smile into your day,